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Food & beer: Smak & Villovägen


Food & beer pairing dinner with Smak & Mera tapas restaurant and Villovägens Kellarbryggeri.

Pairing #1
Food: salad with prawn, mango, glass noodles & peanuts
Beer: Falu Lager, Villovägens Kellarbryggeri, Sweden – ABV 5.9%
Notes: great match with the malty, bready and slightly fruity lager with the mango and added peanut crunch of the salad

Pairing #2
Food: chanterelle cream soup with bread
Beer: Falu Ale, Villovägens Kellarbryggeri, Sweden – ABV 5.4%
Notes: the malty ale with hints of peach works nicely with the smooth creamy soup and bread, could also be tasty with a porter or stout

Pairing #3
Food: grilled green peppers with sea salt and creamy dip
Beer: Falu IPA, Villovägens Kellarbryggeri, Sweden – ABV 6.9%
Notes: fruity and hoppy IPA combined with the salty peppers makes for an interesting sensation in the mouth, would also match well with a saison

Pairing #4
Food: Indian lamb curry with yoghurt and naan bread
Beer: Falu Imperial IPA, Villovägens Kellarbryggeri, Sweden – ABV 9.5%
Notes: nice combo but the mild curry would be even better matched with a strong lager, possibly also a pale ale

Pairing #5
Food: cured meats & mature cheeses
Beer: Falu Imperial IPA, Villovägens Kellarbryggeri, Sweden – ABV 9.5%
Notes: the strong and hoppy imperial IPA is perfect with the hot & peppery cured chorizo, best combination of the lot

Pairing #6
Food: 3 x types of chocolate – dark chocolate, sea salt milk chocolate, white chocolate with cardamom
Beer: Falu Gruvlig Imperial Stout, Villovägens Kellarbryggeri, Sweden – ABV 9.7%
Notes: pairing the dark chocolate with this coffee & chocolate flavoured imperial stout works a treat

Smak & Mera, Falun, Sweden


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